Lies of P Patch 1.3 Adds Costumes & Balance Changes Plus Soundtrack Released
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Lies of P Patch 1.3 Adds Costumes & Balance Changes Plus Soundtrack Released

The Round8 studio has released the official soundtrack for their souls-like action RPG Lies Of P and patch 1.3 which adds further costumes as well balance changes.

Lies of P Patch 1.3 Adds Costumes and Balance Changes

The soulslike Lies of P has gained a new update which adds further costumes, a new category in the costume menu, balance changes plus fixes. The official soundtrack has been release which is now available for $9.99 on Steam, so you can now listen to your favourite tracks from the game such as Feel, whenever and wherever with the downloadable track list.

Lies of P or Lies of Style we should be calling the game after the update as new options are available for P including the Alchemist’s Hat, Treasure Hunter’s Mask, Treasure Hunter’s Hunting Apparel and Illusory Emerald Glasses. A new category has been added to the Costume menu, allowing players to equip both a ‘Mask’ and ‘Accessory‘ together found in the Hair section of the menu.

Try new Lies of Style with the Alchemist’s Hat

If you reach any ending of LOP for the first time, you will also be able to unlock the Short Grey Hair option from ‘Geppetto’s Tools’. Other minor additions include adjustable subtitle size.

Balance Changes and Improvements

As previously teased in the Director’s Letter video that took place at the end of October, changes to combat have been implemented. This includes Rising Dodge now being a default ability, with the Retain Guarge Regain upon Pulse Cell use now taking its place in the P-Organ system.

There have also been changes to weapons including damage increases to weapons, decreased delay after an attack and time to charge a ‘Charge Attack’ for some heavy handles. Heavier Handles also now have a faster attack speed which is dependent on the assembled blade.

Good news for Fable Arts, as these now stack faster for Attribute Status Ailments which includes Thunderstrike, Flamestrike and Acid Slash. Further items have been added to Polendina‘s Ship including 2 more Quartz, an additional Quartz expanding the shop for the first time, and 2 additional Full Moonstone of the Covenant after expanding the shop for the 3rd time.

No news on when we’ll see more of the teased DLC or the Lies of P crossover with Wo Long Fallen Dynasty just yet. But as mentioned in the previous dev update it’s still in progress. You can check out the full changes for Patch 1.3 on our wiki.

In other news, Lies of P was nominated for two awards for The Game Awards 2023 for Best Art Direction and Best Role Playing. The game has also been nominated for The Steam Awards for the ‘Best Game You Suck At’ category.

If you want to know all the latest info on Handles, Blades, Builds and more head to our LOP wiki.

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