Indie World 2024 by Nintendo Is Making Exciting Waves Once Again
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Indie World 2024 by Nintendo Is Making Exciting Waves Once Again

Nintendo Indie World 2024 Showcase is nothing short of exciting. Fans have been treated to many unforgettable games on the platform, with more coming over the horizon.

Indie World 2024 by Nintendo Is Making Exciting Waves Once Again

In this year’s Indie World, Nintendo released a 21-minute video highlighting exciting games to look forward to. The good news is that some of them will already see the light of day as early as December 2023, just before the holidays kick in!

We will go over four intriguing titles that have piqued our interest. First up is Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition.

Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition

Critically acclaimed Outer Wilds developed by Mobius Digital is finally releasing the Archaeologist Edition on the Nintendo Switch this coming December 7, 2023, for USD 29.99. For players who are searching for a deep puzzle and exploration game that is not only story-driven but will also keep you guessing throughout, you may want to pick it up soon. 

Indie World - Outer Wilds

As a recruit of a space program known as the Outer Wilds Ventures, your task is to piece together clues of an entire solar system, which progressively changes with each [redacted for spoilers.

With the Outer Wilds: Archaeologist Edition, you will gain both the base game and the Echoes of the Eye expansion, which tackles a new area called The Stranger. Remember though that it is not necessary to have finished the base game, all you need to do to visit this planet is through the observatory. 

Blade Chimera

Next up is the flashy Blade Chimera by Team Ladybug. This Metroidvania will be released in the Spring of 2024. As a Demon Hunter who goes by the name of Shin, your task is to piece together your lost memories while searching for your wife. But you will not go through these alone because with you is Lux, your trusty blade who used to be a demon. Aside from annihilating foes, you use Lux to traverse from one section to the next by creating platforms, escalators, and ropes. 

Indie World - Blade Chimera

Like any Metroidvania title, you will also gain access to an assortment of weapons including daggers and guns to swap from one playstyle to another. In the process, Shin gains more experience and relearns the skills he once had, all while exploring the crumbling, dystopian city of humanity that was invaded and ravaged by demons. 

Blade Chimera is a 2D pixel-art action game that will surely challenge players as they creatively defeat bosses in the hopes of reclaiming the land humanity has lost.

Planet of Lana

Another 2D platformer that will be released in the Spring of 2024 is the Planet of Lana from developer Wishfully. Unlike the exhilarating Blade Chimera, Planet of Lana is a heartwarming story about battling a faceless army and finding ways to preserve their planet. It is an atmosphere-focused game featuring unique puzzles like in Tunic and an innocent look into the world as seen through the eyes of a child. 

Indie World - Planet of Lana

But it is not just a single person because you will be accompanied by your best friend, a grey cat-like creature, all throughout. Planet of Lana’s trailer depicts a beautiful world invaded by intimidating machines that are out to get you. 

Planet of Lana was originally released earlier this year on Steam, in May.

Best of Indie World: Howl

Last but not least is Howl from Mi’pu’mi Games. The good thing about this game is that it is already available on the Nintendo eShop for only USD 14.99! There is even a demo for those of you who would want to give it a try. Destruction is not far away because of a deadly plague in the form of a Howl that infects people through sound. 

Indie World - Howl

As a deaf prophet, your goal is to get rid of this sickness and restore peace in the kingdom while searching for your long-lost brother. The path to achieving all of these will not be easy because you do not have the right skills to defeat the beasts that intend to harm you. And so in this turn-based tactical RPG, excessive planning is of utmost importance. Preparation is key to your survival. 

Howl’s ink-based art style closely reminds us of Wildermyth. This is another tactical RPG in which the player goes through a series of adventures that span over multiple generations. As shown in the trailer, Howl will test your capabilities as a prophet. Can you read the future correctly? Can you predict the moves of your enemies? 

Howl’s gameplay will make you strategize hard to efficiently map out your moves. Some skills allow you to remain invisible for 2 turns like Shadow Step, which will help catch the beasts unaware but others could potentially kill you such as Vault. This lets the prophet traverse 2 tiles but if she were to go to an occupied space, then she would instantly die. 

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